Monday, December 5, 2016

Free Christmas Lights Worksheets

I just love staring at all the Christmas lights at this time of year! It's something that many children also enjoy. Using the theme of Christmas Lights, I have 3 fun worksheets for you to use with your students!!! They will need some crayons or colored pencils to complete these worksheets.
Christmas Lights - Color Words

The first worksheet is for the youngest kids and it's a fun way for them to read color words.
Christmas Lights - Nouns and Verbs
Christmas Lights - Odd and Even
You can use the other two worksheets with older students. They can use the odd and even coloring worksheet or the noun and verb coloring worksheet.

Click on the pictures! Each picture will bring you to the correct page at my website to download the particular worksheet..

Enjoy this wonderful time of year!


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Free Counting Puzzles and A Cyber Sale

Here's a fun way to help the kids reinforce their counting skills. By using these fun puzzles the kids will be using their fine motor skills to make a picture in combination with practicing their math skills of counting (number sequence).

Math Counting Puzzles
Children put the puzzle pieces into the proper number sequence. The puzzles are self-correcting in that the proper number sequence will reveal a picture. For these puzzles, the pictures revealed will be some woodland animals.

There are 6 puzzles in this set with different number sequences so that you can decide which number sequence your students need to work on. Each puzzle has 10 pieces.

The number sequences are:
Counting by 1s - Numbers 1-10
Counting by 1s - Numbers 11-20
Counting by 1s - Numbers 21-30
Counting by 2s - Numbers 2-20
Counting by 5s - Numbers 5-50
Counting by 10s - Numbers 10-100

All you need to do is print the puzzles, cut into strips, and laminate if desired. I like to print them on photo paper or card stock.

You can download these puzzles for free from my TpT Shop.  Just click on the picture above! :)

Also if you LOVE a SALE and  need some more teaching resources, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a huge Cyber Sale on Monday and Tuesday (November 28-29). Don't forget to use the Code CYBER2016 to get an extra 10% off  lots of products which will already be on sale!


Stay Warm!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Free Printables

I always loved combining math and language arts learning with the current holiday. Here are 2 free turkey theme worksheets just in time for Thanksgiving. Click on the links below the pictures to download these worksheets from my website which has lots of freebies.
Thanksgiving Math
Thanksgiving Language Arts

The first worksheet can be used to review odd and even and the second worksheet can be used to review counting syllables in words.
Thanksgiving Football Paper Plate Clock

Since football is an important sport for many on Thanksgiving, you may want to make football paper plate clocks with the kids as a great way to learn about and review telling time.
For directions click on the picture above.

If you need more Thanksgiving or November Activities for the kids, check out my Thanksgiving and November  Pinterest Board with lots of math, language arts, and craft activities. Click here!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Free Halloween Math Resources for Primary Students

With Halloween almost here, I want to make sure you are aware of 2 free math resources, I have for Primary Grades.

The first is an Odd and Even Numbers Sorting Activity.  The second is a Doubles Addition Matching Activity. The themes are ghosts and spiders so they are perfect for Halloween!!!!
Halloween Math

Halloween Math - Odd and Even
Halloween Math - Addition
Halloween Math Addition

Just click on the pictures above to go to my TpT store to download one or both activities.

Happy Halloween!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Teaching Resources and Gift Cards Giveaway

Princess Netherly whose blog is called Teaching, Love, & Cupcakes is having a wonderful Giveaway with lots of free teaching resources plus gift cards. She is celebrating her 2 year anniversary over at Teachers Pay Teachers and wants to share with others.
Teaching Resources Giveaway

The winner will receive lots of free resources for their classroom, homeschool, or tutoring program PLUS some great gift cards. My store as well as many others will of course be participating and offering a free resource.

To go to Princess' website to enter, just click on the picture above.

Best of Luck!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Free Odd and Even Numbers Math Resources

Learning about ODD and EVEN numbers takes some practice. Here are some resources that you can use with the kids when teaching or reviewing these concepts.
Odd and Even Numbers Posters and Worksheets

This 1st resource contains 2 posters on Odd and Even in color and also in grayscale and also worksheets that the students can color in to show the odd and even numbers. Click on the picture to go to my TpT store to download these free resources.
Odd and Even Numbers - Apple Theme
Odd and Even Numbers - Pumpkin Theme
These other 2 worksheets are great for practice in autumn. They have an apple theme and a pumpkin theme. Click on the links below the pictures to go to my website to download both of these worksheets or click the link below.

Happy Autumn!

Have fun with math!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Free Back to School Math Printables

Back to School Time is here again! Does the summer seem to be shorter and shorter each year?
Back to School Worksheets

Well, I have you covered for a few back to school theme math printables!

Depending if your student(s) are working on counting, addition, or multiplication, here are three back to school math worksheets.
Counting 1-120
Addition Table
Multiplication Table
Use the worksheet best suited for your student(s).

All 3 worksheets, can be downloaded from by website. Just click on any of the links under the pictures above or on the link below!

Have fun with math! :)


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